MacOS menu bar app for launching iOS and Android 🤖 emulators.

Open Source
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About the project

MiniSim is a small utility menu bar app for launching Android 🤖 and iOS emulators (and more!). Written in Swift and AppKit.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast, 100% native
  • Open Source
  • Open with shortcut: ⌥ + ⇧ + e
  • Launch iOS emulators
    • Copy device UDID
    • Copy device name
    • Delete simulators
  • Launch Android emulators
    • Cold boot android emulators
    • Run android emulators without audio (Your bluetooth headphones will thank you 🎧)
    • Toggle a11y on selected emulator
    • Copy device name
    • Copy device ADB id
  • Focus devices using accessibility API
  • Set default launch flags
  • Indicate running devices